reflections of paris by joanna lemanska

 photo paris15_zps256c60d4.jpg  photo joannalemanska01_zpsf90d46a0.jpg  photo joannalemanska07_zpsfe28ffed.jpg  photo paris_zps4dc8a16b.jpg  photo joannalemanska03_zpsb2e91c27.jpg  photo joannalemanska02_zps06938b56.jpg  photo joannalemanska10_zps8804245b.jpg  photo joannalemanska023_zpsf5edbd10.jpg  photo paris1_zps3d7b654d.jpg  photo joannalemanska06_zps6ac43848.jpg
Art historian Joanna Lemanska has created a beautiful reflective photography series highlighting the city of Paris in a fresh new way. Using puddles or a shiny objects like mirrors, glass and metal she focuses on repetitive elements and symmetry found in architecture or nature to capture reflections of the city with her iPhone 4s, a Fujifilm x10 or a Nikon Coolpix.

“I enjoy all kind of reflections and I don’t have any particular preference for Paris. It could be London, Berlin or New York. It’s just that I live in Paris, so naturally the majority of my photos are taken there. What I’m looking for in reflections are perfect composition and aesthetic pleasure. Sometimes reflections give a unique, aquarelle-like look to the picture. Sometimes they make the image look futuristic and incredible. Shooting reflections is like a playground for me as I really enjoy looking for puddles and slippy surfaces, just to see what kind of different effects they have to offer.” – Joanna Lemanska  

Her work is on display April 2-7 at Gallery Yamashita in Kyoto, Japan in an exhibition titled Cool Pics from Paris.

More of her gooooorgeous photography after the jump.
   photo joannalemanska04_zpsf990b601.jpg  photo joannalemanska08_zps25735ae1.jpg  photo joannalemanska14_zps16bf89c0.jpg  photo joannalemanska09_zps99b34cb1.jpg  photo parislast_zps63fcb1f4.jpg
Photos: My Modern Met

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