scotch & soda

 photo t_maison-lookbook9_zps30a8682f.jpg  photo t_maison-lookbook25_zps537fc7d1.jpg  photo t_maison-lookbook7_zpsb15b7395.jpg  photo t_maison-lookbook27_zps95d8df19.jpg  photo t_maison-lookbook6_zps0d6b5fcf.jpg  photo t_maison-lookbook29_zps3ce90819.jpg  
Yummy textures, energetic patterns and cozy fits. Ya dig?

Avail here.

More Scotch & Soda Spring/Summer 13 after the jump.
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Photos: Scotch & Soda

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  1. The dark blue sweater with the khakis <3

    The white jacket over the stripe shirt and black shorts <3 [Mainly the jacket because of the peek-a-boo print!

    The tweed jacket with the studs <3

    The burnt orange jacket and dress… I actually just lOVE that whole look! lol

    Thanks for posting such AWESOME images.

    Maggie A
    Love Scrapbook

  2. Hi! I realy really love the red and white vertical striped shorts but I cant seem to find them on the website….. any chance you know where I could get them? thanks!

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