all about: the oversized head scarf

 photo marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2013-details-042_215312285507_zps163016a7.jpg  photo marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2013-details-017_21525347759_zpsad5a73f1.jpg  photo marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2013-details-020_215256269582_zps014eac26.jpg  photo marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2013-details-027_21530187551_zps98cd4cc9.jpg
Wrap it upHow to tie a turband 3 ways right this way.

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 photo marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2013-details-080_215342461474_zpscdc45fa1.jpg  photo marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2013-details-076_215339122971_zps715b6894.jpg  photo marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2013-details-012_215250967431_zps68dcfd8c.jpg
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  1. Wow, it is soooo nice to see some summer fashion coming out! It's still cold where I live, but makes me realize that summer will be here soon!

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