stunning shots of flower farms

 photo flowerfarms5_zps197aca95.jpg  photo flowerfarms10_zps7722d742.jpg  photo flowerfarms2_zps8987dc7f.jpg  photo flowerfarms3_zpsfa56389e.jpg  photo flowerfarms11_zpsec75e7d0.jpg  photo flowerfarms8_zpsdf291cb3.jpg  photo flowerfarms9_zps762c05be.jpg  photo flowerfarms6_zpsf851213d.jpg  photo flowerfarms12_zps9f270a6c.jpg  photo flowerfarms4_zps634f1e7f.jpg  
I’ve literally been googling flower farms for the last two hours…here are ten of my favorite shots.

The colorful, pattern forming farms are just too B-E-A-UTIFUL!

Photos: Google Images

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  1. I can't even conjure up anything to say, because flowers do something to me, and the idea of acres of flowers puts me over the edge.

  2. the very first image is beautiful, i believe it's from a tulip farm in holland. the photograph looked so familiar to me, then i realised it's my favourite singer, dallas green (aka city and colour) album artwork.

    the album is called little hell, google it and have a look!

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