surfers underwater by lucia griggi

 photo luciagriggiunderwatersurfers1_zpsb87a19e1.jpg  photo luciagriggiunderwatersurfers4_zpse06739f2.jpg  photo luciagriggiunderwatersurfers8_zps073c6141.jpg  photo luciagriggiunderwatersurfers3_zps96514271.jpg  photo luciagriggiunderwatersurfers5_zpsf626e76d.jpg  photo luciagriggiunderwatersurfers7_zps808449d1.jpg
Half-English, half-Italian action photographer Lucia Griggi does more than simply stand in the sidelines to snap shots of surfers as they ride waves and perform their stunts and tricks. The dedicated photographer gets right into the action with the athletes to capture the moment they duck and dive into massive waves.

“I love to be in or around water and surf. The feeling of being under a wave is such a beautiful feeling.” – Griggi

Pretty rad. Reminds me a bit of ‘The Underwater Project’ and/or ‘Breaking Waves.’

More of Griggi’s spectacular work here.

Source and photos: My Modern Met

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  1. I have never come across Lucia Griggi before so this is someone new to follow! Although surf photographers have been shooting from underwater for a while now these still look amazing.

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