walking in a spring wonderland

 photo 1303012000_1_1_2_web_zps69794b3c.jpg  photo 1303006000_1_1_2_web_zps4092d33a.jpg  photo 1303003000_1_1_2_web_zps458253a1.jpg  photo 1303013000_1_1_2_web-1_zps31849c56.jpg  photo 1303005000_1_1_2_web_zpsc10bf1ff.jpg  photo 1303004000_1_1_2_web_zps36356b2f.jpg  
Bonjourrrrrr acid washed denim, rad sandals, sleek jumpers, floral print short suits, shark tee’s and nice & light outerwear. I’m so ready for all of you in my life.

More from ZARA’s April TRF lookbook after the jumpppp.

 photo 1303002000_1_1_2_web_zps7a8c25ee.jpg  photo 1303011000_1_1_2_web_zps8645d23b.jpg  photo 1303001000_1_1_2_web_zpsd255d82d.jpg  photo 1303010000_1_1_2_web_zps6f670878.jpg

Photos: ZARA

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