a peek inside: beastie boy mike d’s brooklyn townhouse

 photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse97_zpse9ee1147.jpg  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse913_zps149359d7.jpg  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse95_zps4aa52c7f.jpg  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse93_zps7a197838.jpg  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse9_zps74e68e28.png  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse8_zps56813c98.png  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse12_zpsfcd3ff23.png  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse14_zps70acde3c.png  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse910_zps30e1dc18.jpg  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse92_zpsc2185e9a.jpg  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse98_zps69d05cb5.jpg
 photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse2_zpsc6eb2424.png  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse7_zps3081af19.png
Hip-hop royalty ought to have a proper palace. While some of his contemporaries in rap music might feel more suited in say, a downtown loft or a gated Malibu abode, Mike D – legendary Beastie Boys emcee – recently moved into a townhouse in Brooklyn’s subtly upscale Cobble Hill with filmmaker Tamra Davis and their sons. On the inside of the building, a three-level home with vast open hallways. The 3,200-square-foot home was completely renovated, adding an outdoor grilling space, a private home office, and high ceilings. With Mike Diamond known interest in interior decoration, the house represents a meshing of French and American minimalist styles.

Pretty dope. 

More of Mike D’s beautifully designed and decorated home as featured in the NY Times ‘Licensed to Grill: Mike D’s Brooklyn Town House’ after the jump…

 photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse912_zpsd6587816.jpg  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse18_zpsec37f40b.png  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse19_zps21970e22.png  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse20_zpsaaeab538.png  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse25_zpsfc05cdc3.png  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse911_zps5a1a50f2.jpg  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse99_zps19b9f0b3.jpg  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse6_zps35cf53a1.png  photo MikeDsBrooklynTownhouse27_zps6d0760d7.jpg
Source and photos: NYT and HypeBeast

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  1. I do look at the apartment pics over and over again. every room seems to be so inspiring.

    I would really appreciate if someone could tell me where I could get this red/white wallpaper and who the artists of this great pictures are (the big one in blue/pink, the two smaller ones on the chimney and the bigger ones in the hall at the entrance).

    Thank you for answer and inspiration.

  2. Mike D’s townhouse was featured in a Design Brooklyn book. More photographs of this inspiring space as well as sources for millwork, finishes, art, etc.

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