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 photo BambiNorthwood-Blyth_zps3943d977.jpg  photo BambiNorthwood-Blyth17_zps5939e305.jpg  photo BambiNorthwood-Blyth11_zpsc4785919.jpg  photo BambiNorthwood-Blyth9_zps2e1ab232.jpg  photo BambiNorthwood-Blyth10_zps12ea904b.jpg  photo BambiNorthwood-Blyth13_zpsacbe951d.jpg  photo BambiNorthwood-Blyth12_zps5dc58c28.jpg  photo BambiNorthwood-Blyth14_zps4fd7001c.jpg  photo BambiNorthwood-Blyth_zps4863bee1.jpg  photo BambiNorthwood-Blyth16_zps5b16bcce.jpg  photo BambiNorthwood-Blyth3_zpsbc6ea169.jpg
Plays on patterns, hints of tomboy, textures on textures, summery goodness AND mean accessories accentuated by the backdrop that is Los Angeles featuring Bambi Northwood-Blyth?! SO good.

More from the Elle France spread with Bambi after the j-u-m-p.

 photo BambiNorthwood-Blyth15_zps8dc69af2.jpg  photo BambiNorthwood-Blyth4_zps46987aa6.jpg  photo BambiNorthwood-Blyth6_zps52b34539.jpg  photo BambiNorthwood-Blyth8_zpsa0951ec1.jpg  photo BambiNorthwood-Blyth7_zpsbe07eddd.jpg  photo BambiNorthwood-Blyth5_zpsf9bd2a06.jpg
Photos: Ben Morris for Elle France No. 3519 featuring Bambi Northwood-Blyth via TFS

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