How To Make A Gorgeous Peonies Floral Arrangement

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My mom once said, ‘there’s a reason some of the worlds most famous paintings are of flowers’ and it stuck with me.

Flowers are provocative, colorful, textured, feminine, fragrant (most, at least) and sentimental. Roses can be sophisticated while orchids zen and sunflowers cheerful. These delicate petals can be so many things and what I believe my mom was saying is that Monet, Manet, O’Keeffe, Warhol, Van Gogh and other greats understood not just the power of beauty but of emotion.

I keep flowers around my house because they make me happy and I buy or pick the buds that embody my vibe at that point in time.  Lately my vibe must be snazzy as I’m into the art of floral arrangements in a big way thanks in part to Liz’s new column, ‘Flower Friday.’  She’s taught me that with just a little more effort (and honestly I mean a little) and a few tips in your back pocket it’s simple to put together a high impact arrangement.

Just take this ‘Pretty in Peonies’ stunning arrangement we teamed up on. If it weren’t for filming a LEAF video while making this stunner it would have take a total of 10 minutes to whip up.

Here are the key tips:

1. Pick the blooms that haven’t yet opened.
2. Fill your vase with an oasis foam instead of just water – this really allows for control on what you are creating.
3. Always cut stems at an angle as it helps the flowers absorb the water.
4. Mix heights, colors and sizes to create dimension. Start with the tallest and biggest first then work down.
5. Keep out of direct sunlight/heat and enjoy!

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  1. These flowers are so gorgeous! Just what I needed to make me smile today 🙂 Wish they were sitting on my desk right now!

    Great tips.

  2. These flowers are so gorgeous! Just what I needed to make me smile today 🙂 Wish they were sitting on my desk right now!

    Great tips.

  3. So pretty! I love keeping flowers around the house, it just makes things so much happier 🙂 Peonies are one of my faves. I usually just put them in water… I'm going to try the foam trick though.

  4. I was about to type, "wait, I think you may have stolen this from LateAfternoonBlog [as if flower arrangement is a protected thing!]" but then I saw your teaming-up with Liz comment.
    Love, love love it!
    Happy weekend

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