savvy citizen

 photo Savvy3_zpsbe97f498.jpg
ASTR Sheer Tee, Leith Bralette and Tildon Mini Shorts

 photo Savvy_zps3ce93092.jpg
The Scuba Dress

 photo Savvy7_zps2d677bef.jpg
ASTR Scuba Mesh BraletteMural Crop Vest and Devlin Pleated Skirt

 photo Savvy5_zps245176f9.jpg
Mural Crop Vest and Devlin Pleated Skirt

 photo Savvy4_zps6606d10b.jpg
ASTR Colorblock Faux Leather Vest and Leith V-Neck Shift Dress

 photo Savvy9_zpsdd4a900f.jpg
Like Mynded Wolf Tee and Tildon Full Skirt

 photo Savvy6_zpsdde13118.jpg
GO MAKE NOISE Cheetah Print Pullover and GO MAKE NOISE Dolphin Shorts

The definition of Savvy is to know; understand. And that is exactly what Nordstrom does when it comes to their savvy shoppers in their Savvy Department.

They now carry MinkPink, ASTR, Mural, Wayf, et al covering all the latest trends (need that wolf tee) and for under $100. Savvy? I think so!


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