street painting by lang-baumann

 photo Sabina-Lang-Daniel-Baumann-yatzer-1_zps386cecd0.jpg  photo Sabina-Lang-Daniel-Baumann-yatzer-7_zpsec2a1b27.jpg  photo Sabina-Lang-Daniel-Baumann-yatzer-15_zps05381695.jpg
Street Painting #7 – Rennes, France

 photo Sabina-Lang-Daniel-Baumann-yatzer-4_zps8467e1dd.jpg  photo 2011-08_StreetPainting6_2_zps785032a1.jpg
Street Painting #6 – Moscow, Russia

 photo Sabina-Lang-Daniel-Baumann-yatzer-8_zps600ffb9c.jpg  photo 201007_StreetPainting5_vercorin2_zps9468b794.jpg  photo 2010-07_StreetPainting5_vercorin4_zpsa5a7491c.jpg
Street Painting #5 – Vercorin, Switzerland

 photo Sabina-Lang-Daniel-Baumann-yatzer-3_zpsc1e4a4cb.jpg
Street Painting #3 – Zürich,  Switzerland

 photo 2003-06_StreetPainting2_Hegianwandweg_zps24e8f972.jpg
Street Painting #2 – Zürich, Switzerland

 photo Sabina-Lang-Daniel-Baumann-yatzer-13_zps8d515495.jpg
Street Painting #1 – Motiers, Switzerland 

Street Art is conventionally found on the facades of buildings but Swiss-American duo Lang/Baumann (Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann) has given the medium a twist with their ‘Street Painting’ series. The two who are known for creating work of ambitious scale in public places started this particular series in 2003and are now on their seventh installment.  

Using road marking paint which is traditionally used to create permanent road signage Lang and Baumann paint geometrical shapes and bright colors directly onto the street’s asphalt to “transform the mundane urban landscape into a colourful, poetical and utopic realm.”

Their works has been seen in Switzerland, Argentina, Russia and now Rennes, France on Jules Simon Street (through May 25, 2014).

Pretty cool, right? More of their incredible work here.

Source and photos: YATZER and idnworld

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