wallpapered closets

 photo f2917d95b5c5a94b5bb29938b1a3761e_zps878698db.jpg  photo tumblr_mov2fzEYCH1rzvbheo10_500_zpsb9eb147e.jpg  photo 218df09eaa031f14489b55be45faefa9_zpsfdef7ef2.jpg  photo wallpaper3_zps015fdd5e.jpg  photo 1da25f15e68d73a4bcdbd2e0b2257428_zpsb54ea87d.jpg  photo tumblr_mov2fzEYCH1rzvbheo7_1280_zps45dbc7a5.jpg  photo 4381c8398507b4e0ee56c279e7c5db3e-1_zps1ceb41dc.jpg  photo tumblr_mov2fzEYCH1rzvbheo3_500-1_zpsd7bc312c.jpg  photo 7bf246bb000af9e1c1a06bff47b306c5_zps5c9e1cb5.jpg  photo 0a96c0acc9015efe4c7b84b412841cd1_zpsd0f4f6e6.jpg
Because why not add a little more personal style to your closet with a POP of wallpaper? #into!

Some ideas:

Photos: Pinterest

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  1. The first is my all-time favorite wallpaper and one of my favorite pages from Domino! I priced that wallpaper way back when and ALMOST bought some to put in a rental house – then decided against it!

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