a peek inside: david karp’s williamsburg loft

 photo 15arena-karp2-slide-BQST-jumbo_zpsf1b11247.jpg  photo 15arena-karp2-slide-3AJ9-jumbo_zps87556a9d.jpg  photo 15arena-karp2-slide-31ZW-jumbo_zps4230ec7f.jpg  photo 15arena-karp2-slide-EOZK-jumbo_zps600f96a6.jpg  photo 15arena-karp2-slide-GBKP-jumbo_zpsd557d3a0.jpg  photo 15arena-karp2-slide-2M2R-jumbo_zps478acaf2.jpg  photo 15arena-karp2-slide-RSD0-jumbo_zps7ffc2f35.jpg
How beautiful is this zenned out Williamsburg loft which belongs to the founder of Tumblr, David Karp?

“I DON’T LIKE SCREENS very much,” says David Karp, founder and chief executive officer of Tumblr, the popular microblogging platform.  “Big bright monitors drive me nuts”; screens in the bedroom are “gross.” He takes his rule seriously, for in Karp’s newly renovated loft, in south Williamsburg, Brooklyn, screens are scarce, as is, for that matter, anything particularly shiny or smooth. It is, instead, a dedication to all that is aged, rough or both: ancient bricks, weathered concrete, blackened steel and reclaimed oak.

“I don’t want our house doing very much. It’s a quiet space, with few distractions.”


More about David Karp’s Williamsburg loft on the NYTimes and a few more pics after the jump…

 photo 15arena-karp2-slide-AG02-jumbo_zpsa0984220.jpg  photo 15arena-karp2-slide-DB25-jumbo_zps7503664e.jpg  photo 15arena-karp2-slide-DPRW-jumbo_zps77554207.jpg  photo 15arena-karp2-slide-E5WY-jumbo-1_zps1246570a.jpg  photo 15arena-karp2-slide-WQOT-jumbo_zpsd4a53575.jpg
Photos: NYTimes

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  1. Hi! Is there any possibility you could share your source for the green rug in the bedroom? I am looking for something exactly like that! Thanks for considering.

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