spring 2014 ready-to-wear: 10 crosby derek lam

 photo 10-crosby-17_zps1b5a6da3.jpg  photo 10-crosby-22_zpsbcf13390.jpg  photo 10-crosby-19_zps05d55b06.jpg  photo 10-crosby-21_zpsdd7b891b.jpg  photo 10-crosby-05_zpsba2aa76f.jpg  photo 10-crosby-13_zps1d7785c9.jpg
 photo 10-crosby-09_zps6ee743cc.jpg
Inspired by a series of black-and-white photographs capturing Zanzibar’s sandy beaches, this my friends is black and white perfected for spring. In the likes of hemp linens and raw cotton the collection is complete with wide-leg trousers, down-to earth dresses AND a two-in-one tailored jacket with a built-in button-up shirt. 

What? Genius. As is quite a bit of 10 Crosby fall which you can shop here and here.

The rest of 10 Crosby spring 14 here and a few more of my favorite looks after the jump.

Happy fashion week!

 photo 10-crosby-14_zps5626ecaf.jpg  photo 10-crosby-01_zpsb33d97fc.jpg  photo 10-crosby-12_zpsbbe33b7a.jpg  photo 10-crosby-15_zps9f55999e.jpg  photo 10-crosby-08_zpse9e37cac.jpg Photos: WWD

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