spring 2014 ready-to-wear: allsaints

 photo allsaints-12_zps4afb279f.jpg  photo allsaints-11_zps9d558fe7.jpg  photo allsaints-13_zps4a677453.jpg  photo allsaints-18_zps83f630a8.jpg  photo allsaints-01_zpsd19d3f90.jpg  photo allsaints-02_zps925db342.jpg  photo allsaints-05_zpsacde90f7.jpg  photo allsaints-10_zps5f1f8016.jpg  photo allsaints-07_zpsb9476d38.jpg  photo allsaints-15_zpsbb1ef2a4.jpg  photo allsaints-19_zps8668e4b6.jpg
Between the blacks, the leathers  and the boots this is the most fall like spring collection I’ve ever seen and I’m so not mad at this idea. So not mad at all.

p.s. this was allsaints (known for their dreamy leather jackets) new york fashion week debut. congrats to them! 

p.s.s. you can shop allsaints real fall collection right this way.

 photo allsaints-03_zps38334519.jpg
 photo allsaints-04_zpsa01f1405.jpg  photo allsaints-06_zps4b530d6a.jpg  photo allsaints-09_zpsc5dfb01a.jpg  photo allsaints-16_zpscbc96ade.jpg  photo allsaints-17_zps12565c3b.jpg  photo allsaints-08_zpsc5a5902a.jpg  photo allsaints-14_zps7942575e.jpg Photos: WWD

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