spring 2014 ready-to-wear: pierre balmain

 photo pierre-balmain-19_zps40004fd7.jpg  photo pierre-balmain-28_zps624af091.jpg  photo pierre-balmain-03_zps050a5a06.jpg  photo pierre-balmain-04_zpsf3bdc076.jpg  photo pierre-balmain-15_zps02d9ece6.jpg  photo pierre-balmain-06_zpsf80f6925.jpg  photo pierre-balmain-23_zps2f21b36b.jpg  photo pierre-balmain-31_zps25bcb714.jpg
Crazy, sexy, cool and punk. Basically, it’s Kate Moss reborn in the threads of Balmain.

And and andddd – the men’s (which you can see here) was just as good.

The rest of the women’s lookbook after the jump!

 photo pierre-balmain-21_zps91f02f3a.jpg  photo pierre-balmain-11_zps4074edf0.jpg  photo pierre-balmain-24_zps0b9a88be.jpg  photo pierre-balmain-12_zps56ff1d31.jpg  photo pierre-balmain-27_zps31a1c130.jpg  photo pierre-balmain-01_zps7ea478ae.jpg
Photos: WWD

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