A Four Day Long Ray Of Light By (Fos) Team

Ray-Of-Light-By-fos-Team-yatzer-0 Ray-Of-Light-By-fos-Team-yatzer-1 Ray-Of-Light-By-fos-Team-yatzer-6 Ray-Of-Light-By-fos-Team-yatzer-7 Ray-Of-Light-By-fos-Team-yatzer-8 Ray-Of-Light-By-fos-Team-yatzer-9
How creative is the use of color for this installation in Madrid by FOS?

About the project:

“Situated on Lope de Vega Street in Madrid, the protected facade of Rayen was illuminated for four days and nights (19-22 of September 2013) by about 250m of bright yellow adhesive tape. Named after the team behind it, the installation gives the illusion of an artificial light shining from above the restaurant’s entrance swathing the lighted area in very bright yellow light. To enhance this feeling, the team brought along three pineapples, a piece of art, two garden chairs, a garden table and of course…a lamp. The sidewalk itself and the bollard in front of the installation didn’t escape the yellow light’s adhesive power either! ”The tape covered both horizontal and vertical surfaces creating a skin which followed the beam’s shape. The color covered the items only where the light fell, regarding the front view” the team explains. Attention was paid to every little detail, as can be seen on the fragmented ”LIGHT” on the surface of the sidewalk, the tip of the bollard and the half-lit piece of art and chair, while the pineapples enforce the message of the delicious vegan food served inside whilst adding a touch of living nature to the final outcome.” – YATZER

Ray-Of-Light-By-fos-Team-yatzer-10 Ray-Of-Light-By-fos-Team-yatzer-11 Ray-Of-Light-By-fos-Team-yatzer-3 Ray-Of-Light-By-fos-Team-yatzer-4
Photos: YATZER

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