theo and beau

theo and beau theo and beau theo and beau theo and beau theo and beau
Are Theo and Beau not the cutest thing you ever did see?

Not sure if anyone has ever combined puppies and toddlers in a better way than Jessica Shyba, a dentist, mom of three, and blogger at the site Shyba recently went through an extensive adoption process to bring Theo, a mixed-breed puppy, into her family.

On the dog’s third day at home, Beau was falling asleep for a nap and Theo joined in, quickly passing out. As Jessica says, “The following day, Theo met us up in my room for the nap time ritual, and so began what I can only describe as the most organic and beautiful friendship I have ever witnessed.” The rest is Internet history. Both on her blog and on an Instagram account (with more than 61,000 followers!), Jessica has dutifully chronicled the two’s naptime adventures, using the hashtag #theoandbeau.

More of the heart warming pictures after the jump.

theo and beau Theo-and-Beau-04   theo and beau
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  1. It’s so wonderful that these two have made such a close connection at such a young age. This truly will be a friendship for life! Thanks for sharing these moments with all of us.

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