outfit inspo: art basel

art basel street style art basel street style art basel street style
The Miami heat is looking good right about now, ay? Brrrrrrr from 40 degrees in Los Angeles!

art basel street style Sara Kang Weiner art basel street style art basel street style
Photos: Bazaar

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  1. Ah, this is so dreamy. Totally craving bare legs and bronzed skin right about now. It’s below freezing in Switzerland and I’m pretty sure it will be about 6 months before my legs see the light of day again. xx

  2. Seeing all these shorts, breezy dresses & bronzed legs makes me excited for the upcoming summer down here in the southern hemisphere! Particularly love Jessica Hart’s look. xx


  3. wawa ~ ~ a lot of beautiful clothes, ah, next year’s summer dress they are certainly very attractive, and each one has a different style, really great

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