5 Fresh Ways To Switch Up Your Manicure

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5 Fresh Ways To Switch Up Your Manicure silver french tips 5 Fresh Ways To Switch Up Your Manicure evil eye manicure half white manicure
Bored of your mani? Shake it up! Here are 5 fresh ways to switch up your manicure:

1. Go metallic in a major way using nail wraps like these or these.
2. Change up your French mani with a silver tip.
3. Try a matte version of your favorite color.
4. Add some personality with something cute like evil eyes (I also love these stars).
5. Play with simple geometry by painting the first coat nude and the second half an alternative color.

What other nail trends are you loving right now?

p.s. here are eight other rad mani’s to try.

Photos: Pinterest

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  1. I love all of these, especially the metallics! So many of my friends are wearing the Jamberry nail wraps that I signed up to be a consultant. The matte ones are cool too.

  2. I love your ideas for nails, l am always trying different things but my favorite at this time is a cream background with lots of different colors on top its like someone has sprinkled colors on your nails. People are always asking about it and l always have lots of different nail colors but thats the one they notice.

  3. Sorry l have forgotten to ask you something, is there a easy way to put wraps on as l get them all wrinkled up. I waste a lot of them as end up throwing them way.

  4. Is it sore round the nails or the cuticles. I once had it all round my nails and thinking it would heal . but it didn’t so was advised to put OPI cuttical oil an it healed in 2 days.

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