7 Recipes For Your Memorial Day BBQ

soy-dipped-grilled-shrimp_leaf   herbed-butter-grilled-clams_leaf-1 Portobello- BABY-BLUE-1- Grilled-Corn-Crostini corn6    sundae
Can you believe it’s Memorial Day already?! This not only means that [most of us] are celebrating a long weekend, but it’s about that time where we fire up the grill and enjoy an outdoor party with warmer weather, friends and family.

From burgers (both veggie and meat) to shellfish, corn and dessert, here are seven of my favorite Memorial Day recipes:

Soy Dipped Grilled Shrimp
Grilled Clams with Herbed Butter
Pesto Portobello Burger
The Baby Blue Burger
Grilled Corn Crostini’s
Chipotle Lime Grilled Corn
 That’s My Jam Strawberry Sundae

Hope everyone has a nice long weekend! xx

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