10 Steps To The Perfect Taco Bar

How To Set Up A Taco Bar How To Set Up A Taco Bar
Viva la fiesta! Whether it’s Cinco de Mayo or just a beautiful spring/summer day, everyone loves a good taco bar. Here’s my favorite way to set one up in 10 simple steps, plus links to my favorite recipes:

1. Set Your Base: Choose a pretty runner, choose different points of height (use things that you can find around the house)
2. Set Your Table: Add your plates, festive napkins, cutlery
3. Create Your Bar: Add glasses, sparkling water, tequila, margarita mix and beer (I love Pacifico!)
4. Add Garnishes: Cilantro & limes
5. Appetizers: Tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole
6. Side Dishes: Grilled corn, rice, beans
7. Toppings: Grilled veggies, pico de gallo, spicy crema (or hot sauce)
8. Protein: Have a couple of choices like baked salmon & carne asada (kept hot in a crock pot)
9. Soft Tortillas: Kept warm in a cute container
10. Add Personality: Bright flowers & eclectic vases



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  1. Oh wow! That looks so great, The only thing I would never be able to handle is the cilantro.

    I think people love it or hate it.

    Thanks for sharing!

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