21 Street Style Snaps From The Governors Ball

060914_Governors_Ball_Street_Style_slide_014 060914_Governors_Ball_Street_Style_slide_013 Governors Ball Street Style 3
When the chicest New Yorkers descend on Randall Island for a music festival you know the street style is going to be swoon worthy.

Here are 21 of my favorite outfits and snaps from this weekends Governors Ball.

p.s. how good is that ‘but damn i’m fun t-shirt?’

image-1 060914_Governors_Ball_Street_Style_slide_005 060914_Governors_Ball_Street_Style_slide_024 060914_Governors_Ball_Street_Style_slide_015

Governors Ball Street Style Governors Ball Street Style 2   Governors Ball Street Style 4 Governors Ball Street Style 5 060914_Governors_Ball_Street_Style_slide_002   060914_Governors_Ball_Street_Style_slide_008 060914_Governors_Ball_Street_Style_slide_010 060914_Governors_Ball_Street_Style_slide_011 060914_Governors_Ball_Street_Style_slide_012        060914_Governors_Ball_Street_Style_slide_017 060914_Governors_Ball_Street_Style_slide_019 060914_Governors_Ball_Street_Style_slide_020 060914_Governors_Ball_Street_Style_slide_021 060914_Governors_Ball_Street_Style_slide_023
Photos: R29 & style.com

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