11 Of The Best Celebrity Long Bobs

Kate Mara // Long Bob Fearne Cotton // long bob
I’m allllll about the “lob” or rather, the long bob.  Falling somewhere between your chin and your shoulders, perfectly tousled, and slightly angled, the lob is a fresh, sophisticated and incredibly chic cut.

From Kate Mara and Kerry Washington to Emily Blunt and Karlie Kloss, here are 11 of the best celebrity long bobs.

Emily Blunt // Long Bob Kerry Washington // Long Bob Sofia Coppola // Long Bob
Ashley Greene // Long Bob    Scar Jo // long bob Emma Roberts // long bob January Jones // Long bob Karlie Kloss // Long Bob   Olivia Munn // Long Bob
Photos: Frashionbymarina Byrdie & HB

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  1. i’m so obsessed with the top cut/color – i’ve pinned it, stared at it…i just don’t think it would like right on me. i’m sure sometime in the near future i’ll break down and cut my hair (it’s the longest it has ever been!)

  2. I’m so close to doing this! My hair is half way down my back and I just wear it up all the time. If I do, I’ll be raising money to chop it and then will give my ponytail to a children’s wig making charity for cancer x

  3. I have long bob myself and before I cut my hair I had really long hair.
    To anyone who actually wants the long bob too but is too scared to do it: the moment your long hair leaves you, is actually quite relieving.
    It feels really fresh and amazing and how you look changes so much, like people think I’m older now and I look so much more sophisticated and fancy nowadays. I recommed this hairstyle to everyone and if your still too scared to take the step: it’s just hair. It will grow back faster then you’ll know.


  4. Most of these look absolutely horrible. I would not be caught walking out of the house with the first one. There are a couple that are okay.

  5. inconvenient as you can’t tie it back into a ponytail when you need to. hair always just hangs there.

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