3 Kate Bosworth Braids To Copy Now

Kate Bosworth // Braid

Kate Bosworth // Braid   Kate Bosworth // Braid Kate Bosworth // Braid
The best summer days are spent on the beach or hanging by the pool but that isn’t always the best news for your hair. Especially if you you don’t have time to wash out the beachy salt water or chlorine.

Enter: The Braid. The simplest way to make your dirty summer hair look like a million bucks. Here are 3 braids to try inspired by the one and only, Kate Bosworth:

1. Crown braid
2. Peek-a-boo braid
3. Side braid with loose ends

And just for good measure, here is one more.

Photos: Harper’s Bazaar

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  1. I love Kate Bosworth, but have never paid much attention to her hair. Usually it’s her style that’s catching my interest. But you’re absolutely right. These are all great looks.

    (And I know from personal experience that look 2 and 3 work well on really dirty hair haha)


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