7 Earrings That Will Add An Edge To Your Look

1. Take the Bait Ear Cuff Set

cool earrings
2. Alex Earrings

Are you the slightest bit bored with your look? Don’t fret if the answer is yes. Simply swapping out your little studs for a statement earring can really transform an outfit. And by”statement earrings” I mean ear cuffs, daggers and chains.

Here are 7 rad earrings that will add a little edge to your look.


lip earing
3. Lip Service

cool earrings 2
4. Such a Baller Earrings

chain earrings
5. New Heights Earring

cuff of danger
6. Cut Off Dagger Cuff

star ear cuff
7. Comet Ear Cuff

Photos: Nasty Gal

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