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I know I rarely outfit post on my own blog but I’d  REALLY like to try to make it more of a regular thing starting NOW!

Here is an outfit I wore during NYFW on a really long, hot Saturday. I opted for distressed denim shorts, an embroidered long sleeve top and flats which felt a little Coachella than fashion week but it’s what made me feel comfortable and at the end of the day, comfortable is the key to my confidence.

The details: H&M top (from three years ago), Vintage Levi shorts, Vintage Guess flats, Saint Laurent Small Fringe Bucket Bag in Black, Ray Ban sunnies and MAC Ruby Woo on my lips. Easy breezy.

How do you all feel about me posting more outfits?

Photos: StreetHang & Late Afternoon

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  1. I love your blog, but one of the things I love most is that you DON’T do outfit posts. Leave that to all of those other cookie-cutter bloggers. (Rockstud, food post, pose, pose, OMG it’s NYFW, Rockstud!) Your charm lies in the fact that you are unique and actually ABOUT something. Please don’t change.

  2. This is the first time I post anything to your blog, I have been visiting you for many years and I love what you do, and on the rare occasions you do an outfit post the one thing that always crosses my mind is: GOSH I wish there were more outfit posts!! So please please do it!

  3. I agree with the comment above, that your charm lies in the fact that you don’t do the cookie cutter outfit posts. That being said, I loved, loved, loved your IG selfies! You have great style and I think we all want to see it, but maybe incorporate it in a way that is authentic to you and the blog? 🙂

    xo N

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