7 Celeb Workout Outfits

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I’ve been under a tremendous amount of stress and one of the things I do when the stress feels suffocating is hit the gym. Hard!  I’ve worked out six days a week for the last month – yoga, spinning, pilates, barre, hiking – you name it, I’ve done it.

Because of all the working out, I’ve started paying a lot more attention to what other girls wear to the gym and as you’d imagine, have been doing a little bit of shopping myself.  My girlfriend turned me onto these Nike pants which incidentally are the only pair of Nike workout pants Net-A-Porter sells and for good reason. They’re high rise so they alleviate belly insecurities. They’re the shit! My other discovery is Splits 59.  They make, for lack of a better term, more “stylish” workout gear in a quick-dry sport performance fabric that’s really great. I love these pants which have touches of rose gold and sheer powernet insets. I feel sort of sexy in these which I thought was impossible in workout gear aka my old college t-shirts.

What are your favorite lines to workout in?

And lastly, here are seven celebs in workout gear to inspire your gym game. #WERK

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Photos: Who What Wear

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  1. The third one from the top is definitely my gym style, but the truth is, in cold fall/winter months I prefer to exercise at home. I don’t have a gym nearby and I hate all the fuss with the winter coats and scarves in the changing room. That’s why I either go jogging, or I practice yoga at home. Then I usually wear just knickers and a tank top, nothing very fancy 🙂

    Style Standpoint

  2. Black workout pants are the best, I have a few pair. I love the one with the hidden front pockets to keep my locker key and a few dollars.

    http: //www.nofashiondeadline.com/

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