Inside The Club W Wine Pairing Dinner Party At My House

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When Club W asked if I’d be interested in partnering up for a wine tasting dinner with some of my favorite influencers it was an easy “YES and let’s do it in my backyard!”  You have to remember, I’ve been blogging since 2005, so over the years fellow bloggers and editors have become my close friends and if there’s one thing I love to do, it’s host my favorite people over for a dinner party.

It was a great group including Kate from Mr. Kate, Bri from Design Love Fest, Jayne from Stop It Right Now, Jules from Sincerely Jules, Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen, So Super Sam, Chriselle Lim, Kristen Ess from The Beauty Department, Emily Henderson from Styled by Emily, Liz from Late Afternoon, Rachel from That’s Chic, Aimee from Song of Style, Courtney from Always Judging, Ashley from The Style Editrix, Grasie from Style me Grasie, Sydne from Sydne Style, Devon Rachel from Devon Rachel, Jen Pinkston from The Effortless Chic, Jaclyn from Some Notes on Napkins, Sophie Monet, Jacey from Damsel In Dior, Mat Finish from Domaine, Erin Falconer from LEAF, Olivia from Two Fold, interior decorator Sayre Ziskin, Christina from Redbook, Nicole from WhoWhatWear, Ashley from ELLE and a few of my closest girlfriends who aren’t internet gals.

We laughed, we sipped and boy did we eat!

I worked with the remarkably talented Annie Campbell on the party and she designed an elevated menu with pairings that blew our minds. Take a look at this four course menu and tell me it doesn’t make you hungry!

Wine: 2013 Rambutan Gewürztraminer – Russian River Valley, California
Pairing: Shaved Asian Pear, Fennel and Apple Salad with Dates, Manchego, Spicy Greens, Curried Pumpkin Seeds and Spiced Cider Vinaigrette with a touch of Wildflower Honey

Wine: 2012 Lumineuse Sauvignon Blanc – Santa Ynez Valley, California
Pairing: Meyer Lemon Spaghetti with Dungeness Crab & Grassy Chives

Wine: 2012 Porter & Plot Pinot Noir – Edna Valley, California
Pairing: Smoked Quail with Herb Salad, Currants and Pine Nuts alongside Wild Foraged Mushrooms, Crispy Sunchokes on a bed of Parsnip Root Puree

Wine: 2012 Alchymist Noir Red Blend – California
Pairing:A Chocolate Trio. Chewy. Crunchy. Smooth & Creamy

Dinner took place in my backyard and when working with Annie, Archive Rentals and Casa de Perrin on the decor we were going for something simple and elegant with a hint of rustic to play off my lush but tailored yard. We used Archives rustic ‘sonoma tables,’ mix and match chairs peppered with benches and they flooded the banquet tables with stunning florals and tall moody candles. In effort to let the food and wine shine, Casa de Perrin kept the dishes basic and focused on the details, like rose gold flatware, individual jadeite salt and pepper cellars, and stunning Czech crystal stemware.

It was truly beautiful, delicious, we learned a lot about wine and most importantly, had a ball! A BIG thank you to Club W, Annie Campbell, Casa de Perrin, Archive Rentals and to everyone who came. xx

More pictures from the evening after the jump!

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  1. that is QUITE the party. would’ve been so fun to be a fly on the wall! (or in the air). or just a person in a chair who got to drink the wine and eat the food!

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