A Photo Series Captures The Same Couple’s Painfully Cute Kiss All Over The World

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In March 2010, Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks were at Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada with a group of photographers when a friend snapped a photo of the two. It’s whimsical and romantic; Banks sweeps Brinson off her feet as they share a kiss.

Two months later while working on a project in Lebanon, Kansas, Brinson and Banks decided to re-create the photo.

“We were both mesmerized,” Brinson said. “It was just so beautiful. There were no trees, just a field of bright green wheat.” They set their camera on a self-timer and struck the pose.

The image stuck with the couple and it soon became their way of documenting their life together, spawning a collection of photographs known as #Brinsonbanksing.  “I love patterns in photography, so we started doing it again and again and again,” Brinson said.

After a student at a photography workshop led by Brinson and Banks titled their pose #Brinsonbanksing, they began to use the hashtag when they posted their photos on social media. Soon people around the world started taking their own #Brinsonbanksing pictures, modeling the same pose and using the hashtag. A search of the tag on Instagram shows people #Brinsonbanksing in countries like Brazil, Ireland and Costa Rica.

So cute, right?

p.s. if you like this then you will LOVE this!

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Photos: My Modern Met

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