A Look Inside The Chic Office of Calvin Klein Home’s Creative Director

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Consider Amy Mellen the queen of neutrals. As Creative Director of Calvin Klein home, and an employee there for over 15 years, she’s helped define muted palettes as we know them today.

“Personally, I don’t have a drop of color in my apartment. And my house in Wassaic, NY, doesn’t really either. It’s a sea of neutrals. In our products, we don’t do multicolors. We might do a spectrum of blues and some grays, but we’d never add in purples or oranges. And the color we do use is a dirtier, muddier version. Even with ceramics, it’s always more tonal. To begin, though, I always look to nature for color. Just take a flower or butterfly wings. You could never dream up these colors, but there they are, flying around in the wild.” – Mellen

She recently opened her office doors for a photo-shoot/interview with One Kings Lane and it’s as simple and elegant as one would image. Read on about how she stays inspired, where she shops and how she manages it all here.

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Photos: One Kings Lane

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