3 Instagram Accounts That Will Brighten Up Your 2015

design love fest_instagram account to follow hannah bronfman_instagram account to follow emily henderson_instagram account to follow Here’s the thing about Instagram: it can either be an incredible waste of time OR a dependable source for inspiration, motivation and brightness. The difference? Who you follow and who you do not.

One of my new years resolutions is to clean out my feed. I need to get rid of all the people who I find myself irritated with and dare I say, hate follow. The goal? Make every single second I spend scrolling through the app count.

Here are three inspiring Instagram accounts that I already follow and think you should, too. I promise they’ll add value to your life, and feed, in 2015:

1. @DesignLoveFest: Bri Emery is not only a constant flow of creative, design and travel inspiration but she’s incredibly honest and open about her emotions. If you’re looking for a relatable girl (who doesn’t pretend that her life is a glossy as her photos), who is full of motivation and empowering ideas then she’s it.

2. @HannahBronfman: The NYC-based DJ is a religious source of workout, strength and health motivation. From smoothie recipes to yoga poses with her boyfriend and videos of her at Beyonce dance classes, she is energizing and encouraging when it comes to taking care of your body. And as though that isn’t enough, she’s also a powerful business lady who founded the Beautified app.

3. @Em_Henderson: The interior designer/tv host writes with great humor and her bubbly approach to life is infectious.  She’s a new mom, her son Charlie is the cutest little boy who will warm up your feed, figuring out how to have it all and it’s encouraging to watch. Plus, her interior shots will make your heart skip a beat.

Who do you love to follow for inspiration?

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  1. This is exactly the reason why I’m so far on on Instagram: I fear I will waste too much time. Thank you therefore for your hint that the difference is to decide whom to follow and whom not … I think really I should start with Instagram to get a source for inspiration, motivation and brightness 🙂
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  2. i just started following margoandme & fashswitch – both really gorgeous/fun/stylish and the kinds of IG i would like to have but i’m too chaotic and passionate at the moment – also love your IG too Ms Geri Hirsh x

  3. Instagram and other social media platforms should be inspirational or entertaining so definitely need to be selective! Thanks for the recommendation!


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