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“A woman is at her most beautiful when she’s kind, lively and imaginative, goes through life consciously and stays authentic, however she looks. ”

This is the beauty philosophy of  Audrey Ducas, a French girl who now lives in New York and works as a textile designer.  She recently sat down with A Cup Of Jo to talk about her beauty routine and it is the BEST beauty advice I’ve read in a very long time. In the interview she shares her beauty secrets, including the drink that makes her glow and how French girls achieve that perfect bed head.

You can read the full article here, my personal favorite answers below:

What’s your everyday beauty routine?
As soon as I wake up, I focus on setting up the tone for my day—which means getting excited for the possibilities (as ordinary as they may be) by doing breathing exercise and meditation. I also drink hot water with lemon juice before breakfast. As far as products, I use only Castille soap for both my face and body. I drink a ton of mineral water and eat foods rich in Omega-3 (lots of fish!), which is most likely why my skin stays naturally hydrated most of the time. If my skin does feel dry, especially in the wintertime, I apply a little bit of coconut oil. I also recently started to use Thayers Witch Hazel toner, which I’m loving. It feels fresh and makes my skin feel cleaner and much smoother.

Do you have any favorite “splurge” items?
My favorite splurge products are French mineral water and tasty green juices. I always buy a lot of those, and it’s a big treat. I feed my body good food and good thoughts, which I hope shows on the outside!

The million-dollar question: How do French girls get their hair to look so perfectly…messy?
Many of my French girlfriends have this messy chic style. The key is to care about not caring, haha! It’s about brushing your hair very very little or not at all, and not doing anything else to it. I think it also has a lot to do with finding the perfect haircut that fits your hair texture. It’s also very important not to wash your hair too often. You leave your hair in its natural state.

What’s your nighttime routine?
Before bed I like taking a very hot shower. I drink water, read some inspiring books or articles and often hang out on my head a bit: a headstand really helps slow down your breathing which is very relaxing before going to sleep.

What did your mother—or aunts or grandmothers—teach you about beauty?
I watched my mother simply be herself. Although she and I have quite different styles (she wears makeup and heels every day which looks great on her; I’ve always been kind of a tomboy), I realized being beautiful and feminine is more of an attitude rather than the kind of makeup or clothing you wear. It’s about being kind, present, enthusiastic and authentic, which I think my mother has always been. I also often heard, especially from my grandmother: “Drink a lot of water and eat a lot of lettuce, and you’ll look great.” I still do it—greens and water are my favorite things!

Last but certainly not least: do you have an overall beauty philosophy?
A woman is at her most beautiful when she’s kind, lively and imaginative, goes through life consciously and stays authentic, however she looks. Being true to oneself, with a willingness to question things, take risks (emotional as well as physical), learn, change and grow is my motto. Smiling and having fun along the way is key: the happier you feel, the more beautiful you look!

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