How To Wash Cashmere

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Is there anything as yummy as a warm cashmere sweater or hat or scarf or blanket? I think not! But how does one care for the delightful fabric?  Here’s how to wash cashmere in a few easy steps:

1. Fill sink with medium warm water and add delicate wool or cashmere soap, according to bottle (you can even use baby shampoo!). My personal favorite is The Laundress.
2. On a clean, white washcloth, test fabric to see if the color bleed.s. If it doesn’t, add a little more hot water. If it does, add a little more cold water
TIP: If you’re washing multiple articles, begin with lightest pieces first
3. Submerge your articles in water until totally wet – gently swirl for 2-5 minutes (the longer you wash, the more the color will fade, so keep track of time!)
4. Drain water & refill sink with cold water.
5. Swirl until soap is gone (you might need to repeat this a couple of times).
6. Drain sink then gently roll into a loose ball and press down to drain water, re-roll & repeat several times.
7. On a hard surface, lay out a fluffy towel then place wet sweater flat on the towel. Roll towel gently & squeeze – repeat as needed.
8. Let sweater dry, flat out, on a mesh surface or rack.


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