Field Dazed

2015-festival-style-urban-outfitters10 2015-festival-style-urban-outfitters08



With festival season just around the corner, Urban Outfitters has released its latest lookbook called “Field Dazed” and it’s getting me super excited for Coachalla. Woot!

2015-festival-style-urban-outfitters01 2015-festival-style-urban-outfitters02 2015-festival-style-urban-outfitters03 2015-festival-style-urban-outfitters04 2015-festival-style-urban-outfitters05 2015-festival-style-urban-outfitters06 2015-festival-style-urban-outfitters07   2015-festival-style-urban-outfitters09   2015-festival-style-urban-outfitters11
Photos: FGR

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  1. Thanks for this spread. I just needed to see this to be reminded that spring and summer and good (non winter) weather are just around the corner!!

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