Garrett Leight Spring/Summer 2015

GLCO_SS15_Dillon_2 GLCO_LagunaBeach_4_1 GLCO_LagunaBeach_1_1
Ohhh Garrett Light! How I love your sunnies. They’re always so fresh and the newest collection is no different. Channeling the retro glamor of summer holidays spent at the beach, this season Garrett Light is launching relaxed styles in a rich palette of pastel shades of pink blush, lemon, and mint. Inspired by 1950s and ‘60s luminaries such as John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe and famed photographer Richard Avedon, the frames are classic with unique design elements like layered mirror lenses, collapsible frames and oversized silhouettes.

Can I get a swoon?

Shop them here.

GLCO_LagunaBeach_2_1 GLCO_LagunaBeach_3_1 GLCO_LagunaBeach_5_1 GLCO_RoseBowl_1_1 GLCO_RoseBowl_2_1 GLCO_RoseBowl_3_1 GLCO_RoseBowl_4_1 GLCO_RoseBowl_5_1 GLCO_RoseBowl_6_1 GLCO_RoseBowl_7_1 GLCO_SS15_5_2 GLCO_SS15_Coeur_D'Alene_2 GLCO_SS15_Hampton_2 GLCO_SS15_Hampton_Clip_2 GLCO_SS15_Pinehurst_2 GLCO_SS15_Wilson_2
Photos: Garret Light

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