3 Bright Red Nail Polishes To Try This Summer

Happy Wife Happy Life by essie Twin Sweater Set' by Essie 2 STOP for Red' by OPI
Red nails are classic and I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect shade. From brights to deeps and hints of orange, there are endless options and I’m always down to try something new (and share it on Instagram, of course –> @gerihirsch).

Here are three colors that I’ve recently tried and liked:

1. 2 coats of Happy Wife Happy Life by Essie
2. 3 coats of Twin Sweater Set by Essie
3. 2 coats of I STOP for Red’ by OPI

For summer, I like reds that have a bit more orange, especially for pedicures, and Happy Wife Happy Life and I STOP for Red have just the right amount. Twin Sweater Set is a true classic but the key is three coats – that extra layer makes your nails incredibly glossy.

What are your favorite nail polish colors?

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