An Easy Way To Drink More Water

I don’t know about you but I’m constantly dehydrated and never drink enough water. It’s not because I don’t like water (I love water!), I simply forget.

Enter an app: WaterMinder.

WaterMinder tracks your daily water intake and reminds you with friendly notifications to drink up in order to reach your daily goal. I purchased it and so far, so good! I’ve been drinking a lot more water and honestly, my skin looks better and I feel like I have more energy.

Photos: BuzzFeed

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  1. I definitely need this app. I have a tendency to drink all of my water at night. It would be better to drink it throughout the day.

  2. I fill a 64 ounce juice bottle
    Keep it refrigerated
    On numerous visits to the
    kitchen – swig 8 or so ounces.
    If the ” well ” does dry refill
    This should satify the drink
    8 glasses of H-ijklmn-O daily

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