Leandra Medine’s Fall Outerwear Collaboration

Leandra-Medine-Veda-Jackets-Man-Repeller-4 Leandra-Medine-Veda-Jackets-Man-Repeller-9 Leandra-Medine-Veda-Jackets-Man-Repeller-34 Leandra-Medine-Veda-Jackets-Man-Repeller-42
Leandra Medine has collaborated with VEDA on two pieces of fall outwerwar and they are not surprisingly VERY GOOD.

She designed a trench and military jacket and true to Medine’s style, are classic but with a fun Man Repeller twist.

Shop the collection HERE while you can (word is the run is limited—only 150 pieces!).

Photos: Man Repeller

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