How To Eat A Clean Diet

I’ve been snapping a lot about eating “CLEAN” and have been getting loads of questions about it so let’s discuss it further here, shall we?

Here’s the deal on what I refer to as “CLEAN.”  It’s based on the ‘Clean Program‘ which is a 21 day cleanse and ultimately a lifestyle. I got into it after reading ‘Clean – Expanded Edition: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself’ which is written by Dr. Junger who created the program. The book is full of excellent information and it truly taught me to think differently about what I put in and on my body. After reading his book, I decided to do the cleanse and it was a hard but wonderful experience which I wrote here (including losing 15 pounds!).

In order to eat clean, you don’t NEED to do the cleanse although it does help jumpstart your health. Eating clean is essentially eliminating gluten, dairy, corn, soy, caffeine, alcohol, added sugar, red meat, shellfish, white rice, anything processed and nightshades (tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, potatoes). There are two more comprehensive include/exclude lists after the jump if you’d like to dive a bit deeper.

If you are interested in eating clean, I highly recommend that you read the book so that you understand why you are eliminating the various foods.  As for food guidance, you can turn to Clean’s meal plan here and/or Gwyneth Paltrow (who is a big clean fan) put together a GOOP 2016 detox which plays by the same rules. Thanks, Gwynie!

I hope this was helpful. The way to eat clean is to get the information and then just start doing it. JUST START! It’s the hardest party. For motivation and to learn more, you can also follow me along on SnapChat (@gerihirsch) but in full disclosure, I don’t adhere to the clean diet all the time (I wish I could say I did!). I do however try to eat as clean as possible as often as I can because I truly feel a difference inside and out.

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  1. How unfun! How can you enjoy life by eliminating almost everything amazing about it!? Good luck to you – I’m going to go eat some nightshades and have a cocktail!

  2. Wow. So many restrictions… I’ll probably stick to cutting out all sugar, most dairy and carbohydrates but the idea of separating which fruits I will eat feels a little advanced to me right now, maybe that’s my next step! Would love to see an example of meals in a post 🙂

    Lucy xoxo

  3. I’m gald if the diet is working for you (I believe the results must be just great, because you end up eating the healthiest stuff possible) but I personally prefer the more balanced approach to eating. I admire people who can stick to a strict diet, but I still haven’t learned to look at food just as fuel for the body; it’s a pleasure for me, too. But keeping my fingers crossed for your eating goals and looking forward to hearing how it’s going.

  4. Great plan. My Dr would also eliminate all grains. There are still many inflammatory foods on that list. A meal plan would help. Everything on there would end up as soul for me.

  5. I have had to go on this diet for health reasons. In response to some of the comments above – yes, it isn’t the most fun diet but it definitely gets you healthier. Like I said, wasn’t really a choice for me and I had to stick to the strict diet rules above but I’m definitely healthier.

    That being said – after nearly three months of the diet I am itching to get back to normality a little bit. The diet is super inconvenient when I eat out and makes it basically impossible. Cutting out sugar was the hardest thing for me and I definitely had awful withdrawal symptoms the first couple of days.

    I won’t revert to eating as badly as I did ‘pre-diet’ after realising how well my body responds to the ‘good’ foods that I’ve been fuelling it with!

    – Holly xx

  6. Hi, there. I was attracted to your post by the fabulous photograph of gorgeous food! Once I started reading I was slightly horrified at the thought of not being able to eat a banana or orange, or STRAWBERRIES!!!! I think it’s great you’re trying something that you believe in and that you can feel a difference. My diet includes lots of green tea, a daily glass of red wine, and a variety of fruits of vegetables, and I have to say…I feel pretty good too! Nice post, though, and your blog is beautiful.

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