How To Balance Your Chakras With An Aroma Sensory Journey

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I had the privilege of attending Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions a couple of weeks ago in partnership with Aveda and it was INCREDIBLE! There were a handful of world-renowned speakers including Oprah herself, Cheryl Strayed, Eckart Tolle, India Arie, Caroline Myss, Kerry Washington and more.

There were so many highlights but there are two specific quotes/mantras that really stuck with me:

1. Everything is figure-out-able. – Marie Forleo

2. The goal isn’t the perfect yoga pose; the goal is to reach for it. -Cheryl Strayed

I just loved these two simple quotes so much! The other highlight was learning about balancing chakras by going on Aveda’s Chakra Aroma Sensory Journey (which you can also do online here). Drawn from a 50,000 year-old Ayrevedic healing tradition, chakras are the seven spinning wheels of energy that are believed to affect our well being and beauty. To explore your chakra balance with Aveda here’s what you do:

1. Chose a chakra and note its location, color and meditative word (grounded, wisdom, nourished, expressive, harmony, insight or intention).

2. Find a quite place, spray chakra aroma and sit comfortably. Close your eyes and take deep diaphragmatic breathes while.

3. Visualize a colored, spinning wheel of energy located at the chakra are of your choice and give yourself a few moments to notice sensations, emotions, thoughts, feelings or memories that come to mind when you focus on this chakra.

4. Say the chakra’s meditative word quietly to yourself a few times. If your thoughts drift, just simply bring your mind back to focus on your word and visualization.

5. Sit easily for a few moments then slowly open your eyes and close your mediation with a cleansing breath.

I chose the balancing aroma of ‘Intention’, which is chakra 3, the center of motivation where we set our intentions and desires. What chakra would you chose? Grounded, wisdom, nourished, expressive, harmony, insight or intention?

Photo Credit: Chuck Espinoza

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