The Lazy Girls Guide To Beachy Waves

IMG_4137 IMG_4223 IMG_4252 IMG_4258 IMG_4260 The Lazy Girls Guide To Beachy Waves IMG_4271 IMG_4324 IMG_4318 Beachy Waves Beachy Waves // Geri Hirsch
Here’s the thing about beachy waves: I love the way they look but they can take way too much time…until now! My friends, I give you the ultimate lazy girls guide to beachy waves. And I mean LAZY! Here’s how to do it:

1.  Wash hair and rough dry hair with a blow dryer.
2. Once dry, wrap hair into two Princess Leia buns, secure with bobby pins.3. Leave in Leia buns while you finish getting ready (at least 20 minutes).
4. Gently take down buns and if necessary, fill in any areas that need a little more wave by wrapping hair around a curling wand (I love the T3).
5.  Finish by gently spraying with texturizing spray (I love Oribe or OUAI) and/or hairspray.

And done! Easy breezy beachy waves!

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  1. Loving these natural beachy waves so much <3 😀 Thank you so much for providing us with a little guide! Haha my hair never looks that great after I put it in a bun, but yours is perfect! I don't think you even needed that curling iron, tbh haha!

    XO, Elizabeth

  2. Geri, so I gave this a try after my morning workout this morning. Going in I was thinking there is no way this will work. Man was I surprised! Only difference is I let my sweaty hair air dry and then I did the buns! Worked like a charm.

  3. that’s very similar to what I do: I just wash my hair before I go to sleep, I dry it 70% and make one of those bows on top of my head. Then, I put spray, go to sleep and in the morning I take the bow, dress my hair with the hands and put more spray 😀

  4. I have wavy hair too but never thought of making it look better by making it into bow to get better wave. Should look awesome with highlights. I usually just blow drive after a wash too. Simple yet beautiful tip. Thanks for sharing. Great photography. Sharon Elsie |

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