Ask A Makeup Artist: beautyblender Edition

beauty blenders beauty blenders
When it comes to beauty I’m no expert, but I am curious, so I thought it would be fun to start a column called, “Ask A Makeup Artist.” In this column we (as in you and I) will be asking makeup artists for their best tips, products, applications, DIY ideas, and more. Please leave any beauty-related questions in the comments. xxIn this week’s installment of “Ask A Makeup Artist,” I asked my friend and LA-based makeup artist Meghan Nguy to tell me everything there is to know about those cute little makeup sponges known as the beautyblender. Why should we use them? How do we properly use them? Which one should we buy? How do we clean them? Here are her answers:

Why should we all be using a beautyblender?
You know that muddy look a lot of girls have? Those are the girls who need a beautyblender! When used properly, these are the key to flawless makeup. They’re great for applying foundation and cream blushes, they smooth concealer beautifully, and are the perfect tool for highlighting/contouring.

I’m convinced! What’s the proper way to use one?
Wet your blender until it’s completely saturated, then squeeze out the excess water. When using it, gently bounce it along the skin, pressing slightly on the surface.

I’ve noticed there are a few different sizes. What’s the difference between them?
There are three that I love for different reasons:

1. beautyblender ProThe same great beautyblender original only in black, making it easier to clean after using with foundation.

2. beautyblender Micro MiniThis one smooths concealer easily under and in the inner corner of the eyes and around the nose. Much easier than the original beautyblender.

3. beautyblender BlusherThe perfect size to apply your favorite cream blush on the apples of your cheeks. Turn it on its side and use it for highlighting and contouring, too!

How do you wash them? And how often?
There are plenty of ways to wash your makeup tools; I like to use a moisturizing soap in a bar. My favorite one is Le Petit Marseillais Lait Soap that removes makeup and oils without stripping your brushes or sponge. Here’s how I wash my beautyblenders:First, I wet the bar and sponge. Then, I swirl the sponge directly on the soap and massage the soap into the sponge, pushing out the makeup buildup. If necessary, wet the sponge a little to work up a lather. Be sure to squeeze instead of rub your BB to preserve its life. Rinse and repeat until the water runs clear. I wash mine every day.

After interviewing her about these, I bought one and have been loving it. Who else uses one?

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  1. My question for a make up artist is how do I make up my eyes? They are both hooded and deep set. Whatever I apply at the lash line ends up glomming onto my upper eye (close to my brows). Help! Thanks Lovelies <3

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