The Simplest Way To Drink More Water

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If you’re reading my blog you probably know that I’m constantly trying to add healthy and clean habits into my life. One of the habits I’ve focused on lately is drinking more water. Consuming enough water is a serious commitment and one that I’ve previously fallen short on. It can be easy to forget to sip enough and might not seem like a huge deal, but it is! Dehydration can be the cause of fatigue, dry skin, headaches, and worst of all, illness.

For that reason, I’ve made carrying a durable bottle with me a must since half the struggle of getting enough h2O is the access. I’ve been loving the bottles from bobble because they limit the waste of plastic and are something that I can use for years. I wanted one to carry around the house and city, but also one for my gym bag, so I chose two: bobble Infuse and bobble Insulate.

bobble Infuse is BPA-free—super environmentally friendly—and perfection for customizing the taste and filtering your water. Getting myself to drink more water goes a lot smoother when I can switch things up. I’ve been experimenting with recipes to infuse which is a breeze because you literally add the ingredients to the bottle and bounce. Right now I’m into blueberries + lemon to refresh, watermelon + lime + lemon to detox, and strawberry or apricots for a dose of fiber. The fact that I’m getting filtered water without an extra step is a huge bonus. Hello, beautiful, easy, AND healthy h2O!

bobble Insulate has become my gym go-to, and it’s especially practical because it doesn’t leak and is dishwasher safe. The stainless steel keeps my water cold for up to 24 hours, and it provides the excuse of water breaks during my workouts…often. You can’t argue with someone staying hydrated, am I right?! The bottle was ideal for tea in the winter too since it kept it warm for up to 12 hours, throughout my morning routine.

Keeping a bottle with me at all times has been life-changing in terms of water consumption, and I’m noticing a change in my skin and how I feel.

What tips do you have for drinking more water? Any recipes for infused water?

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  1. It’s a lovely idea to add fruit to water to flavor it. Not sure how hole blueberries do that, but they do look pretty… But how does adding strawberries or apricots to water give you “a dose of fiber”?

  2. Everytime I see these things I assume they are a bit of a waste of space and time. But recently I’ve been trying to drink more water and love infusing it, and these look like they work SO well!

    Thanks so much! Will look out for them!

  3. Is the bottle made of glass and rest of parts plastic? Would love a durable glass bottle at same price point. Thanks

  4. Love this post! My swell bottle has definitely been the biggest help in getting me to drink more water – it keeps cold for the LONGEST time, and I’m way more likely to want to drink water if it’s cold!
    xx Alyssa
    VISIONS OF NYC // @alyszsa

  5. I can attest to using a water bottle as an effective way to drink more water! For one, it makes it easier for me to measure how much I drink since each water bottle has a distinct capacity.

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