The Coffee vs. Tea Debate

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I’ve loved coffee since forever, but lately I’ve noticed a craving for tea in its place. Pretty sure it stemmed from a serious coffee overload that left me feeling anxious and blah all day. After that, I found myself reaching for breakfast tea instead of my usual espresso in the a.m. I definitely noticed a drop in alertness, as drinking my normal 2 cups of tea wasn’t providing the same rush of (welcomed!) java energy. This got me thinking about the benefits of both, and which one suited me more.

Benefits of coffee: It’s said to improve brain function (like memory and reaction time), it contains essential nutrients like magnesium and potassium plus TONS of antioxidants, and coffee drinkers are shown to be less affected by type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and even depression. Most of the studies back up those claims when people are drinking 2-4 cups a day and not more, FYI.

Benefits of tea: Tea is wonderful because there is variety—different levels of caffeine and benefits—but these are the general plus-sides: lots of antioxidants, can help lower your risk of heart attack and stroke, boosts immune system, aids with weight loss and digestion (especially green tea), and protects your bones. Plus, it’s hard to feel too hyped up after drinking tea.

One thing that stuck out to me—and I can 100% attest to this, as I mentioned in this post—is that tea drinkers tend to have an easier time falling and staying asleep. It’s likely from the lower dose of caffeine, but still interesting. Also, I found that tea is more likely to stain your teeth! Shocking, yea?

At the end of the day, both options have loads of benefits if you aren’t over-doing it (like drinking 5+ cups a day) and some downsides. It really depends on what you want or need from your caffeine boost. If you need the extra alertness in the morning, coffee probably suits you better, but if you’re naturally a morning person and would rather fall asleep faster, take the tea.

I personally will be sticking to tea, but will never pass up a cup of Joe during a leisurely weekend brunch!

Are you a coffee fiend or tea sipper?

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  1. I’ve never liked the taste of coffee, and instead drink black tea in abundance. It’s true about it staining your teeth (at least black teas, I don’t think green or herbal teas would) – every time I go to the dentist they ask about it! I feel way better after a few cups of tea than I ever have after a latte!

  2. .After living abroad I developed a love of tea especially PG Tips a British tea with a little bit of almond milk.I like herbal teas as well but when I want a good cup of tea thats my go to.I do like the taste of coffee I grew up drinking coffee yet I find it is to strong for me.I will occasionally drink decaf.

  3. I personally drink both: a cup of cofee is my must in the morning, but tea is more suitable for an evening read. As for coffee, I can’t imagine living without it; I have naturally very low blood pressure so without it I feel super sleepy. But I try to keep it to 2 cups a day: one in the morning and one early in the afternoon, because otherwise I have problems with falling asleep.

  4. Both! Coffee during the day – I consider it an anti-depressant. It doesn’t really work to keep me awake but it does keep me from being cranky. Tea at night – it does help me fall asleep faster and I feel cleaner when I wake up!

  5. I drink both! coffee in the morning and afternoon and tea at night! Coffee has become apart of my morning routine and definitely makes me feel happy 🙂

  6. I like both. Although, recently I find myself turning to coffee in the mornings.

    One thing I can attest to is that my dad who is 65 looks ten years younger and has all the energy in the world. He drinks several cups of coffee a day and has since his adult years. I really think this is what made the difference for him and that is why I’ve been reaching for coffee instead of tea these days.

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