Ways To Simplify Travel

simplify travel
There’s nothing better than the anticipation of a vacation, am I right? But the logistics of traveling can be stressful, let alone thinking about which shoes go with each outfit. For years I scrambled before taking a trip trying to get my life and suitcase—OK, suitcases—together. Finally, I decided to be an adult and find ways to ease the traveling process:

  1. Buy hard-shelled suitcases. Owning one that can actually protect your stuff brings major peace of mind.
  2. Keep a designated product bag packed to grab and go. Mine includes travel-sized must-haves.
  3. Bring a scarf, no matter the weather. Scarfs are easy to carry on and can be used as a blanket on a plane, a beach/park towel, AND an accessory.
  4. Use a pill case for essential travel meds like allergy and motion-sickness remedies, so everything is in one place and you don’t waste space with separate containers. Don’t have a place for your jewelry? Organize it in another pill case.
  5. Sport a backpack. Backpacks are super functional and don’t get in the way. There are tons of cute options right now too!
  6. Use one small pouch for everything important. Traveling usually involves switching up your bags or purses. Keep all important items—think cash, passport, chapstick—in one pouch that you grab from bag to bag.
  7. Save screenshots of maps or directions. WiFi doesn’t always work when traveling, so prep by taking shots of anything you may need.
  8. Charge all devices the day before you leave. iPads are super cool until you get on a plane and they are uncharged!

Traveling anywhere new this summer/fall?

Pictured: Hudson & Bleeker ‘JE T’AIME’ collection bags

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  1. Ah to be able to take a small pill box. I have 12 prescriptions I need to travel with at any given time, not to mention all those little OTC necessities that are outrageously priced at the airport. Luckily I wear almost exclusively black so everything matches and I don’t have to take much, leaving room for the pill caravan

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