5 Ways To Wake Up Looking (and Feeling) Amazing

Morning routines get lots of attention which is great because I highly believe in them, but don’t forget about things you can do before bed to make your mornings look better. I shared how I get a good night’s sleep a while back, but I wanted to discuss specific things you can do for yourself to wake up looking and feeling 100%.

I especially love adding these to my nightly routine if my week has been crazy and I need a little self-love time, a.k.a all the time.

1. Use beauty products in the correct order
I used to slab on each layer without any thought to the order, but then my dermatologist told me that order does in fact matter. She suggested: 1. Cleanser, 2. Toner, 3. Treatment (if you need it), 4. Serum, 5. Night and eye cream, 6. Oil. My skin the next day always looks its best when following this plan.

2. Limit eating within a few hours of bed
This can be tough on busy days, but it makes a huge difference for me. I love to eat an early dinner, then let my body fully digest before trying to force it to sleep peacefully. If anything, I’ll have an evening cup of tea.

3. Avoid alcohol, sugar, & sodium
Obviously a buzzkill, but if I have a big day coming up or have been feeling blah, cutting booze, sugary treats, and foods high in salt in general is a no-brainer. My face retains water like crazy if I have any of these, and a puffy face just ain’t the best way to start your day.

4. Hand and feet treatment
I wish I remembered to do this every night because on the ones that I do, my skin the next morning is amazing. Before bed, I’ll rub this cream all over my feet and cover them with big socks (sexy, I know!). I’ll also use a deep moisturizing hand cream and let it set in for a few minutes before getting into bed.

5. Be in bed 8-9 hours before your alarm
CRUCIAL! Make it happen. If you want to look and feel your best, you need to give your body time to reset and rebuild. Even if I’m not tired, I force myself to get into bed and read to get my body in sleep mode.

What do you do when you want to look and feel great the next morning? Spill!






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  1. I’m really into a facial mask paired with a glass of wine (I know, it goes against one of your rules) and reality tv before bed. It’s my “me” time and forces me to unwind and relax.

  2. I’ve just cut (well done my best) refined sugar out of my diet and I feel so much better on a morning. The hand and feet treatment idea sounds so good though, definitely going to try it.

  3. Whenever I read your posts, I’m reassured I’m doing the right things! Sometikes I drink milk or make sure my stomach is full. If I’m hungry, I’ll never fall asleep!

  4. I really think your suggestions are reasonable but the one with ”Avoid alcohol, sugar, & sodium” is the hardest for me. I like in the evening to watch something (sex in the city) have a glass of wine, eat some choco and so on.


  5. I love these little tips! I really want to get a good skin care routine going and I really need to start going to bed earlier to get 8-9 hours sleep as I feel exhausted all the time at the minute, even as soon as I wake up! But I have to get up at 6 after christmas and eurgh that does not make me look forward to the days!

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