Wellness Challenge: Incorporating Downtime

wellness challenge: incorporating downtime
Did you successfully conquer logging out of your social accounts for one whole day last week? Doesn’t it feel great? It’s definitely one of the challenges I’m going to try and complete each week moving forward.

I’ve also been making it a priority to actually get relaxation in lately. I hate even typing that because laying low shouldn’t have to be scheduled into my agenda—and it’s not—but I feel like I should have more time to chill out. I’m assuming I’m not alone? When did it get so hard to just lay back and relax without having a neverending to-do list that takes over instead?

Summer wore me OUT and I’ve been in serious need of downtime. And because of that, I’m adding it into a challenge, hoping you guys feel like you could use it as well.

Challenge: Spend 2 hours this week incorporating downtime.

Ahhh, I love the sound of that already! I’ve realized that there will ALWAYS be something productive I could be doing – I think it’s part of being an adult. But for 2 beautiful hours this week, push all responsibilities aside, shut your bedroom door, tell your roommates or family to not disturb you (unless you don’t mind company while you relax) and DO YOU.

Take a nap, read a book you’ve been dying to get into, browse Pinterest, mediate, lay staring at the ceiling, whatever. Just embrace the act of doing nothing (or something low-key) and enjoy the chill. Don’t feel bad about it and try not to think of what you *should* be doing. Because you should be relaxing! Plus, the list will be waiting on the other side of downtime.

It might feel uncomfortable at first because a lot of us (sadly) aren’t used to it, but push through it even if you get bored. It’s incredibly good for your mind, body, soul, and wellbeing to rest and restore. Let your brain slow down. I guarantee you’ll feel so much better after getting in this downtime! Enjoy, xx!


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