Wellness Challenge: Adding Greenery To Your Home

Adding Greenery To Your Home Adding Greenery To Your Home
OK, did you guys freshen up your fitness last week?! I really hope so. And it wasn’t that bad, right? Well this week, you can stay in your home—except for maybe a quick shopping trip(!)—and I won’t push you to try anything crazy…promise.

Indoor plants have gotten really popular in the past few years, with succulents being maybe the most popular thing on my Pinterest feed. And turns out, it’s a great thing! Obviously plants are amazing—they provide oxygen—but specifically adding them to your home is actually very beneficial, and not just decor-wise.

Plants are cool, too, because different types provide different benefits. Some generally clean the air, some fight specific bad things in the air, etc. This week’s challenge is easy and on-trend.

Challenge: Adding Greenery To Your Home.

I started hearing how wonderful it was to have plants inside your house, so I obviously went straight to my local nursery, and now I’m obsessed. I think I might be an old crazy plant person as opposed to a crazy cat lady when I’m older. I just love them. Before choosing my plants, I did a little research to know which ones did what…and which ones would be hardest to kill.

Here’s a quick breakdown of solid options for indoors:

Snake plants – A super common houseplant, as they are pretty hard to kill. They don’t need much sun or H20, so they are great for decorating since you can put them anywhere. Looove how these look in a home, too. They release oxygen (during night actually, which isn’t common for plants—most release during the daytime) and remove carbon dioxide from the air.

Aloe – This on-trend succulent comes in handy during summer if you have any accidental sun burns, plus they rid the air of toxins – especially from non-clean housekeeping products or chemicals in the air. The plant will actually start to show brown spots if there are toxins in the air, so it’s a cool indicator of how clean your air is. Keep it close to a window, as they thrive off sun. Kinda funny that they love sun AND heal it, right?

Boston fern – These need some love, but they remove more formaldehyde than any other plant, so they are worth the extra care. Plus, they are stellar at getting rid of other indoor air pollutants – like benzene and xylene from gasoline exhaust – perfect for highly polluted cities…like LA! Depending on the season, their water intake varies from daily to monthly feedings.

So there you have it! An easy, pretty way to make your home safer and the air cleaner.




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  1. Okay so full disclosure, I tried to do this a few months ago and bought a bunch of succulents. I definitely loved them too much and they died on me!! Over watering I think lol.

    Your post has inspired me to give plants another go. Thanks babe!



  2. I am obsessed with outdoor plants and gardening outside in the summer! I also love growing herbs, which after summer, you can bring in the house and keep throughout winter! A few of my favorites are mint, basil, and rosemary!

    As for indoor plants, I just bought aloe plants at a local plant sale. I was told that they will multiply and spread, so now I need to transplant them into different containers. I didn’t know that if they turn brown, there could be toxins in the air. Thanks for posting that! I learned something new today!

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