3 Warm Uses For Your Favorite Water Bottle

3 Warm Uses For Your Favorite Water Bottle   golden milk // turmeric latte tomatoe soup fresh mint tea 9o2aa3 Warm Uses For Your Favorite Water Bottle6362-edit
It’s that wonderful time of year when it’s finally cold enough for warm drinks in our hands, even in Los Angeles. Yay! Isn’t there something magical about relaxing with a hot beverage or meal? It’s one of my favorite things about cold weather, actually. Especially when you can sit outside in the crisp weather and have a full-on fall experience, ahhhh.

But since I don’t always have the luxury of chilling out while drinking my a.m. caffeine or being home for something warm during weekday lunches, I rely on taking hot stuff with me to work.

I’ve been obsessed with bobble since I started using them to keep water cold for workouts, and even during chilly seasons, I’m all about the bobble Insulate which are available online and in-store at Anthropologie. Similar to keeping things chilled, this eco-friendly bottle honestly keeps my stuff warm for hours—as in up to 12! I have a long commute and love that I can sip on something warm all the way through horrible LA traffic. Or that my hot meal will be waiting for me whenever I get around to eating lunch. I also appreciate that I’m not adding to environmental waste with paper or plastic to-go cups—something that’s super important to me.

Depending on the day, I may even bring a few stocked bottles with me. Lately, this is what I’ve been using my bobble(s) for:

  1. Turmeric lattes aka Golden Milk  (recipe here) in the morning. Ahhmazing!
  2. Soup for lunch. I’m especially into tomato lately. I may or may not just drink my soup right out of the bottle if I’m really busy… #nojudgements
  3. Hot fresh mint tea for an afternoon or evening treat. I’ll even grab extra mint from my garden and put it in the bottle if I want it to steep for longer. The smell alone is heaven, and this gives me the warm-drink-in-hand fuzzies.

I’ll make everything at home before I leave for work (or the night before if it’s the soup, then just re-heat in the morning) and pour into my bobble. Healthy, warm treats to-go! Can’t beat that on a cool day.

Do you have any soup recipes I should be trying?



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  1. Pea soup. Made from dry split peas. Lots of recipes online. Mine is vegan using liquid smoke and facon bits for that flavor.

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